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1997 - 2024 Pioneers of the

Private Security Industry in Ibiza

G-Class G63 AMG 4x4 Ibiza

2 Bodyguards with 1 Luxury Vehicle

"our most popular option"

If you require a private chauffeur for your visit to Ibiza, this package offers the benefit of 2 Professional Bodyguards & Chauffeur Service.


Bodyguard No.2 is your driver - when he parks the vehicle he then joins Bodyguard No.1 - now you have 2 Security Experts escorting you & your group.


*Before you book a chauffeur service independently - compare the costs & benefits of our package. , bodyguard driver in Ibiza, chauffeur service in Ibiza Spain, chauffeur hire in Ibiza,

Diplomat Protection Group's Mobility Department operates a number of high-end vehicles purchased by our company and available exclusively to our clientele in Ibiza. We also have access to some really cool & interesting vehicles via our supply partner. Our chauffeur hire service in Ibiza is available as a stand-alone private driver ( or as an integral element of a comprehensive security solution.


Each year we select an interesting fleet of limited & special edition vehicles for our clientele - available for driving principal clients, but can also be used as your 'Security-Support-Vehicle' - with your Private Security Team following your own luxury car.

Our private car service in Ibiza has become the default choice for clients requiring Ibiza's most reliable, professional and genuine VIP Chauffeur in Ibiza. We are an official private driver service supplier to Ibiza's VIP 'Members-Only' Community - Luxe Prive Group Ibiza. Their members have extremely high standards and expect only the very best options. You will find Luxe Prive Members extremely happy to recommend our chauffeur service in Ibiza because we are a genuine luxury service supplier.

We operate 100% legally in Ibiza. We are proud to be one of only a few legal suppliers of legitimate VIP Driver Services in Ibiza.



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